Bachelorette party on the beach!

Wedding is probably the most important thing in every women’s life. Every women dreamed about her perfect wedding since she was a little girl. She pictured herself in white long dress, maybe with lace, long veil on her flawless hair and holding a puget of her favourite flower. And this day is here very soon. But when you get older, you realise, that not only the wedding day is important! What about your bachelorette party?

dring wine on the beach

Bachelorette party is actualy celebrating the end of your single free life, with your closest friends. It usually contains lot of alcohol and lot of fun. Every bachelorette party needs it’s theme. There are so many options, but you need something original and speciall, right? If you love ocean and tropical areas, I have the best hint for you! What about beach themed bachelorette party

beach bachelorette party theme

The location is Cartega in Columbia. Thera are many incredible beaches, bars and restaurants. For acommodation you can choose from many modern private villas in the historic centre.

From the morning, you can spend the day on the beach. You and all your friends can dress like a hawaiians. You can wear long skirts, bras from coconuts and flower crowns on your heads. You can dance, play games, make sand castles, swim, etc. If you are seeking for some adrenaline, you can try for example jungle tours, scuba diving, snorkeling or visit mud volcanos! For the start of your evening party you can visit one of amazing restaurants for a fancy dinner, for example sushi, pizza or local food restaurants. Then you can move to beach bar, where you can get your favourite cocktails and shots. If you want more crowded place, you can go to the best music bars in the city, with amazing Djs and dance all night! This day should be really unforgettable. So, whatever your ideas are, we will do our best to fulfill it for you!